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We are a specialised management consulting firm that leverages over 10 years of client engagements to help organisations and leaders transform.

"The only constant is change" - Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

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Who Are Adstay Ltd?

Adstay Ltd launched on 19th June 2013 and is a privately owned company. Private investment has been used to help fund an ICT and consultancy service plan and operates with international customers covering a variety of industries.

Adstay have a technological base within the South West of England and will grow local talent by employing apprentices and recruiting, where possible, from local universities. It will look to deliver effective outcomes for citizens and local communities through flexible, knowledgeable and trusted services. The limited company will provide services to public sector organisations and private sector industries.

Improved service delivery through best practice and experience

What services will Adstay Ltd offer?

Adstay will continue to grow and develop the consultancy services it provides to its customers; the following list is an outline but not exhaustive.



Programme Management

Project Management

Business Analysis and Systems Analysis

Technical Support and Service Desk


We recognise that there are a number of accepted methodologies available when embarking on an IT-related implementation. Whether Waterfall, GDS's Digital by Default, Agile or any other delivery method, we work with you to review the most appropriate option at the early stage of a project to understand how best to achieve the solution and outcome you are looking for.


Our Agile approaches puts the customer first by researching their needs and focuses on producing working software within a short timeframe. This is followed by frequent deliveries in short time spans, increasingly aligned to customer needs. Furthermore, change is welcomed and not treated as a hindrance to software projects, which is often the case in more traditional approaches.

An Agile-based project tends to deliver frequent releases and less management overhead. It is a collaborative method that is responsive to change. This, in turn, enables you to be more agile and flexible with customers and stakeholders.

Beyond Agile

Agile Projects are rightly implemented with a focus on user experience. While that is critical, it is important to keep in mind the IT environment in which they are operating. As a result, we often recommend an Agile Plus approach, as appropriate, in line with the specific requirements and desired outcomes of a particular project.

Agile+ is a proven methodology using a synthesis of the best elements of Agile and PRINCE2 to manage and govern. PRINCE2 methodologies seek to minimise risk, contain budget and take into account any dependencies of working with other suppliers or internal teams and any integration challenges presented by a customer’s existing technologies.

Fundamentally, Agile+ takes into account the context of the project – the impact on and by the IT environment, from data storage to networks and all backend systems. By bringing together PRINCE2 and Agile in this way, we can help you better mitigate and manage risks while ensuring integration. Quality Assured Delivery

To ensure the smooth delivery of every client solution, all our project and programme managers are trained to internationally-recognised PRINCE2 and MSP standards, and are also experienced in Agile.

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